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Brand: Gear4Gamers Model: MYSTERY-BOX
MYSTERY BOXAre you ready for surprises? We have something special for you! A mystery box, which contains either team merch or hardware..The SMALL Mystery Box contains a minimum value of 25 EUR worth of goods. *The MEDIUM Mystery Box contains a minimum value of 45 EUR worth of goods. *The BIG Mystery..
Ex Tax:12.60€
A4TECH BLOODY B760 RGB Gaming Keyboard A4TECH BLOODY B760 RGB Gaming Keyboard
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Brand: Bloody Model: B760
0.2ms Key Response Innovative LK Optical Switch technology uses optic switch to react at lightning speed with extreme 0.2ms key response, exclusive “long-lasting” typing sound and tactile feedback, creates more passionate for gamers. Zero-Lag Response with Lightning Speed LK Optical Switc..
Ex Tax:47.99€
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Brand: Bloody Model: B820R
A4tech Bloody B820R The A4tech Bloody R820R gaming keyboard with the RGB backlight North has the most modern knowledge and original design with the stylish backlight. The Light Strike Technology North has a slow, fast response time of just 0.2 milliseconds. The keys with the visual knowledge are ext..
Ex Tax:58.81€
A4TECH BLOODY G501 7.1 Gaming Headset A4TECH BLOODY G501 7.1 Gaming Headset
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Brand: Bloody Model: A4TSLU44122
You can hear every soundThanks to the Smart 360 Gaming technology and the 7.1 surround sound, this headset is very suitable for an hour-long gaming session. With the additional software in FPS gaming, the opponent's steps can be heard and recognized precisely. You can decide on the sound settings yo..
Ex Tax:37.81€
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Brand: Bloody Model: A4TSLU46000
BLOODY MOCI HIGH END HEADPHONES Bloody's M.O.C.I. HiFi Collection was found with a mission to deliver "True Balanced Sound". Established with A4TECH/Bloody uncompromising engineer team for over 30 years, and finally, proudly to announce the "M.O.C.I. Dome Tech" and "Hybrid Diaphrag..
Ex Tax:37.81€
CA Gaming Cobra II CA-1717 USB 7.1 CA Gaming Cobra II CA-1717 USB 7.1
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Brand: California Access Model: CA1717
Choose freedom. Choose the fullness of life.CA Cobra II (CA-1717) are headphones for players with support for virtual 7.1 surround sound, designed for a group of enthusiasts who do not want to spend a fortune on such equipment, while enjoying the comfort of use combined with the quality of s..
Ex Tax:37.80€
CA Gaming Iguana CA Gaming Iguana
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Brand: California Access Model: CA1413HQ
Iguana CA-1413 hybrid keyboardThe Iguana semi-mechanical keyboard is distinguished by model ergonomics. The minimalism of the structure in combination with its simple, yet solid appearance allows the user to focus only on the gameplay. The keyboard base is a compact, homogeneous body maintained in a..
Ex Tax:33.60€
CA Gaming Lizard CA Gaming Lizard
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Brand: California Access Model: CA-1415HQ
CA Gaming LizardMechanical precision with spectacular backlightingFull-size, extremely durable gaming keyboard with vivid RGB lighting. 104 buttons and 11 multimedia keys based on Outemu Red switches will meet the capabilities of most players. Solidity and durability of performanceMinimal..
Ex Tax:46.21€
CA Gaming Shark CA Gaming Shark
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Brand: California Access Model: CA1418
CA Gaming SharkMechanical precision and effective backlightThe Shark mechanical keyboard is our proposition in a reasonable budget segment. The keyboard base made of brushed aluminum makes the whole structure look extremely solid. Mechanical switches and backlight in True RGB technology will make it..
Ex Tax:67.22€
CA Gaming Tiger II CA Gaming Tiger II
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Brand: California Access Model: CA1032
TIGER II CA-1032 The California Access brand provides higher class products to the market, but still have an attractive price compared to more recognized rivals. A good example of the scherz mouse CA StrikeBack TIGER II CA1032. The product was packed in a solid cardboard box with a large wi..
Ex Tax:25.20€
CA Gaming Wildcat CA Gaming Wildcat
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Brand: California Access Model: CA1035
Wildcat CA-1035The Wildcat CA1035 mouse is a successful product at an attractive price. The producer presented a proven and well-liked construction. The PMW3360 optical sensor is characterized by great maximum speeds and a pleasant feeling during the game. Dedicated software does not burden the syst..
Ex Tax:37.81€
CA Irbis CA-1037 CA Irbis CA-1037
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Brand: California Access Model: CA1037
Irbis CA-1037 The mouse has 17 programmable buttons. Placed on the side panel, they allow you to freely change the values ​​of the defined parameters. Above the roll there are buttons for changing the DPI. Large main buttons are comfortable and their use does not cause fatigue even after a few hour..
Ex Tax:33.60€
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