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CA Gaming Iguana

CA Gaming Iguana
CA Gaming Iguana
CA Gaming Iguana
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CA Gaming Iguana
CA Gaming Iguana
CA Gaming Iguana
CA Gaming Iguana
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  • Model: CA1413HQ
  • Weight: 1.50kg
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Iguana CA-1413 hybrid keyboard

The Iguana semi-mechanical keyboard is distinguished by model ergonomics. The minimalism of the structure in combination with its simple, yet solid appearance allows the user to focus only on the gameplay. The keyboard base is a compact, homogeneous body maintained in a noble variety of matte black. Thanks to the materials used, the stiffened construction prevents bending, even with very strong pressure in the central part. The design is complemented by rounded edges on the device and a honeycomb horizontal strip clearly standing out from the upper and lower surface of the keyboard.


Effective backlight

Notification indicators located above the numeric section are protected from the top with black covers - thanks to which they do not shine directly in the players' eyes, gently illuminating the surface of the upper cover of the keyboard. The QWERTY keys are arranged on a durable ABS base at distances preventing errors with sight-free, intuitive button selection. The buttons themselves were made according to the standards of the latest "double injection" technology. Individual fonts were applied by laser cutting. This means that regardless of the intensity of use - the characters cut out in this way are indelible. The ergonomics of the key caps are emphasized by cylindrical profiling. The backlight of the keys offers several levels of intensity.


Semi-mechanical system

The semi-mechanical keyboard has separate pressure mechanisms for each key made of plastic. Thanks to the feeling of using such a keyboard, the precision of the keys is very similar to a mechanical keyboard. The electric impulse relay is a built-in membrane. The pressure force is 55g ± 5g. The advantage of such a solution is the precision of operation, at a much lower price, much lower noise.



The keyboard easily allows you to run multimedia and system functions by selecting FN with the appropriate function buttons. The manufacturer has placed here shortcuts enabling easy launch of the browser, media player, email, system search engine.



The Iguana model has 26 button Anti-Ghosting, covering most of the buttons, as well as Windows button locks. When a keyboard is sold under the name "Anti-Ghosting", it can simply refer to a specific subset of keys on a keyboard that works well together.

Anti Ghosting

Full Anti Ghosting




Windows, MAC, Linux




190 mm x 480 mm x 45 mm

Media Keys

26 keys

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